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Jackie and the
Magical Guys

In a desperate attempt to save the world from a bleak future overrun by monsters, a time traveling teenage girl transforms four disgruntled guys into magical girls to prevent the apocalypse.

Meet sixteen-year-old Jackie, a girl from the future who has never felt more like the embodiment of failure when her brilliant scientist mother sends her a hundred years into the past to prevent the end of the world—because Jackie is pretty much the only person left alive to do so. But Jackie has never done fieldwork in her life or researched what the world full of viral memes and online trolls was like. And she doesn’t need the mounting pressure of finding strong female warriors that will save the planet when she can’t even find her own dignity.

But “failure” takes on a whole new meaning when, out of desperation, Jackie uses the super soldier serum on four disgruntled guys instead, transforming them into magical girls. And now they refuse to help her because not only do they have to worry about growing a moustache but growing an hourglass figure as well. So what’s a simple girl with a team of gender-swapped boys to do?

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The struggle in Amy’s formative years contributed to her desire to shape worlds where readers can flee to and bask in joy. Amy was born to Laotian immigrant parents whom escaped to the refugee camps in Thailand before they could safely immigrate to the U.S. She grew up in an urbanized small town–Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Due to her heritage, Amy emphasizes community-driven narratives where familial connections and friendships help the characters overcome the many obstacles they face.

On her journey to creating beautiful visual narratives, Amy earned a cinema production degree with a focus on screenwriting. All her studies and life lessons helped shape her various projects ranging from horror to humor. When she’s not writing, her extracurriculars still influence her literary works. For example, her background in wrestling, judo, and jiu-jitsu enhance her adrenaline-filled action scenes. Don’t be fooled as she is not as tough as one may think, anyone that meets Amy compares her to a blundering Labrador. That comparison can be seen in her writing as humor is sprinkled throughout her pages.

As goofy as she may be, she is very serious when it comes to her creative pursuits. Amy continues to work hard in developing high-quality content. She is humbled to have the opportunity to share her imagination with the world. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Amy Linsamouth now runs the Comic Makers Los Angeles Meetup group composed of 770 comic book members.
Amy Linsamouth
Entrepreneur, Graphic Novelist, and Speaker.

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JACKIE AND THE MAGICAL GUYS is the thrilling manga comic graphic novel that will take you on an unforgettable journey through time and chaos. Get ready to be captivated by the unique blend of adventure, humor, and unexpected twists that await you in this extraordinary tale.

Why settle for just any ordinary manga when you can experience the hilarity and excitement of JACKIE AND THE MAGICAL GUYS?

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Praise for Jackie and the Magical Guys

“It’s great! It does what it’s supposed to do.”

Scott Lobdell

X-Men comic writer, Happy Death Day screenwriter

“Perfect toilet reading.”

Nicholas Doan

The Kid and the Ripper, Monster Elementary, Daisy Cassidy writer

“Of course I read it!”

Neo Edmund

reader of this comic book, The Grimms Town Terror Tales writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Putty Parole actor

“I loved it. There were so many words and different numbers of letters in each word. And I really loved the story and the art.”

Jeffrey R. Gund

CEO & Founder of

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