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The art team is led by Amone (Art Handle: Pony) who does everything related to sequential art, but in a team setting, focuses on achieving quality, speed, and efficiency. Her sister Amy assists as needed. Omair (Art Handle: JamTronArt) is the Assistant Storyboard Artist with specialization in pencils, and Bob (Art Handle: ThaBlackBobRoss) is the Assistant Colorist. The misfit team members come from marginalized groups with a passion to create meaningful stories that break through these racial barriers of entry. Fortune favors the bold, and this exemplary team has been making their mark on the geekdom of the entertainment world.

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Artmacabre Team

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Elevate your horror comics to new heights with our unparalleled art team. Diverse and daring, they break through barriers with gripping storytelling and captivating sequential art. Experience spine-chilling brilliance as they reshape the essence of horror, leaving a lasting mark on the industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to evoke emotions and captivate audiences with the extraordinary talent of our remarkable team.


Main Artist

Amone is a St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Ambassador, Twitch Partner, and Capcom Ambassador (in relation to ginormous game franchises like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, etc.). Amone’s Omens art can be seen in the Lost in Vivo horror game. That game is a love letter to the Silent Hill franchise. Her creations exude dark horror elements in her works, and she is not scared of any monsters under her bed.


Assist as Needed

Amy now runs the Comic Makers Los Angeles Meetup group composed of 760 comic book creator members. She has various projects in the works, such as a confidential graphic novel that will be announced in a future press release by a nonprofit.


Colorist (Assistant)

Bob is not only a talented artist but is the official cosplayer for the red carpet premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever; a unique work of cosplay, which he meticulously crafted himself. He is set to create future designs for industry professionals.


Storyboard Artist (Assistant)

Omair has painted and presented various portraits of celebrities (such as Olympians and VidCon personalities), animals, and classic cars alike. He was one of the first and few to create a Thai/black protagonist in a Thailand-centered comic.

A Chilling Odyssey Through the Artmacabre Team's Comic Realms

Artmacabre Team’s comic sequential art portfolio intertwines the hauntingly beautiful and the creatively chilling, conjuring immersive worlds that lure readers into a realm where darkness meets artistry.

Don't Be Afraid to Work With Such a Spooktacular Team

Unleash the dark and daring world of terror with our one-of-a-kind art team, the “Artmacabre Team.” They are like a band but better! With an uncanny ability to blend spine-chilling horror and mesmerizing artistry, they’ll infuse your comic with a haunting allure like never before. From the eerie strokes of their brushes to the spectral magic of their pencils, each panel will breathe life into a nightmarish symphony that will haunt readers long after they turn the final page. Dare to venture into the realm where fear meets creativity, and let the “Artmacabre Team” etch an indelible mark on your comic, delivering an unforgettable and unparalleled journey into the macabre.

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