Byte Me

Eden Grey, a goofy horror gamer in her 20’s, gets enrolled in a prestigious university to investigate the disappearance of a wealthy family’s youngest daughter, only to find out bloodthirsty vampires have taken over the campus so she partners up with a handsome android vampire hunter to stop them. As Eden has recently concluded, combining vampires and adulting can really drain the life out of anyone…

Over 60,0000 readers!

Comedy Horror Comic Sensation

A meaty fresh take on vampirism that will electrify you!

Get your blood bags ready… BYTE ME is a syrupy sweet blend WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS and I, ROBOT with a good dose of COMMUNITY.

9.74 out of 10 Stars


Punchlines with a deadly hit.

Dad jokes without the dad.

Meet K-9, your above average android.

Our main character Eden doesn't want you to leave just yet.

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The Writer: Amy Linsamouth

The struggle in Amy’s formative years contributed to her desire to shape worlds where readers can flee to and bask in joy. Amy was born to Laotian immigrant parents whom escaped to the refugee camps in Thailand before they could safely immigrate to the U.S. She grew up in an urbanized small town–Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Due to her heritage, Amy emphasizes community-driven narratives where familial connections and friendships help the characters overcome the many obstacles they face.

2023 Horror